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brown sunken spots on meyer lemon fruit ( container grown )

10 years ago

This year my small meyer lemon produced 5 fruits which are still in the process of turning yellow (they're a light green on the bottoms). I found one of the smaller ones this morning with several brown, sunken spots on the skin. I removed it to take a better look and hopefully get a diagnosis from someone here.

The tree hasn't been doing so hot all spring/summer. It dropped a lot of leaves in spring, and the remaining ones have been blotchy and yellow, but since it had fruit on it, I didn't want to re-pot it. Oddly (to me) it has started to put out new growth and even a few flower buds in the last week, as overnight temperatures have fallen into the lower 40s/upper 30s. I don't understand this plant. I was hoping it would leaf out better all summer, but NOW?

We're dropping to about 33 tonight, so I am bringing it into the garage. I'd have it in the house instead, but my cat tried to devour it last winter. I'm hoping to get the three remaining lemons to grow to maturity soon, but I'm afraid the cold weather has beaten me this year :-(

I'm in NE Mississippi, by the way.

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