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Re-potting a Meyer Lemon Tree

9 years ago

Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could answer a few questions regarding re-potting my improved meyer lemon tree.

The tree is over 3 years old and appears to be very healthy, it get's fertilized with foilage pro every watering and there are many new blooms at the moment including new growth (shoots) and a medium sized lemon.
It's in the nursery's pot and was wondering if it is okay to re-pot it when it's growing like this?

I was going to use Vigoro potting mix until mike and brian suggested against it (which I can't thank them enough), and although gritty mix seems to be the best solution, it's hard to come by the ingredients here in Canada. I found a different potting soil called "Fafard's Tropical Soil Mix" and it has ingredients such as coconut husk fibre, sand, etc. Does anyone know if Fafard is a good soil? The package advertises that it's forgiving for over and under waterings.

Third question is if I should use something like a landscapers cloth on the bottom of the holes? The water would drain out but wondering if this would help prevent the soil from falling through?

Edit: Found out that this potting mix has a natural fertilizer in it, does that mean I wouldn't use foilage pro for a while?

Sorry for all the questions, just a newbie here wanting to learn and do the right things.

Thank you in advance :)

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