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Should I re-pot my meyer cuttings?

Hello to all,
On 6/1/14 I took some meyer lemon cuttings and began the rooting process. Two of the 6 rooted. They are in small clear water cups filled with perlite and 10% peat and have a ziplock bag over the too of them for humidity. I do not know how many roots are enough roots to allow for a re-pot without killing the cutting. I can see two roots on both cuttings. One cutting has a root that starts in center of cup, works it's way out to edge of cup, all the way down and now starting it's way back up, while the second root has worked down the side of the cup 2 inch's or so.

Does anybody have a picture of rooted meyer lemon cuttings at the "safe" to re-pot stage. I have been really babying these cuttings as I am praying I get atleast one to survive and would hate to pull them out of the growing medium and into the Al's 5-1-1 mix to have then die due to insufficient roots.

Thank you!

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