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HELP! I Inherited 20 Ficus Benjamina trees. - Los Angeles

D Byrne
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hey everyone!

This is my first time posting in GardenWeb, though I've looked through many of the discussions and I love the site.

It's also my first time owning a house, and having a backyard that needs privacy trees. I looked through all of the discussions about pros and cons of using ficus on GW and decided against them. That is, until I got a call about 20 free 10-15' tall ficus benjaminas. So, now I have privacy screen trees, but I need a bit of help getting them healthy.

They're all in half wine barrels, and I'm sure they're root-bound, but I also know that if I put them in the ground the roots will tear up my neighbor's driveway or worse. My plan right now is to leave them in the containers and see how they do. Any advice though is very welcome.

They were facing East on the downtown lot where I got them, and I moved them to our backyard where they have a Southern exposure with pretty much full sun. I watered them heavily at first to try and keep them from getting shocked from the move. They are turning yellow and dropping a fair amount of leaves though. When I started looking into the yellowing it seemed like it could either be from under-watering, or over-watering, so I don't really know how to fix it. Now I've been watering them around once a week with a full bucket of water.

I'd love any tips on how to get them healthy, and also any tips on helping them fill in (they're pretty thin and scraggly.) Thanks so much. I'll try to post in some pics, and if I've left out any important info I'll add it in ASAP!



PS: If anyone is an expert with star jasmine plants we inherited some of those too! here's the post:

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