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Piper Nigrum light requirements

M K15010
8 years ago

Im growing Piper Nigrum in a container and its indoors now due to cooler weather (zone 5-6). It is currently in a eastern window and getting 2-3 hours of direct sunlight (other windows in the house do not get good lighting.

I received the plant on 9-11-15 2" pot with 5 leaves as of 10-2-15 it now has 8 leaves

Im concerned with the temps getting cooler as right now the soil temp is at 63 degrees

Now finally for my question lol ,

Can this plant be placed directly under HO T5 florescent light or place off to the side of the light (indirect light)? There are so many conflicting posts out there that say full sun, shade, etc...

Moving it to the new location will place it in much warmer conditions

any advice will be greatly appreciated. I will post progress pictures as I take them

Thank you

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