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Non WiFi Network an Old Printer?

8 years ago

I just scrounged up an old non-WiFi Canon MX860 printer that might work. It is a duplicate of one I used years ago that died. Back then, I only had one desk top Win XP computer. I liked the printer because it used large clear cartridges that were quite easy to refill.

I now have/had several newer canon printers with smaller, and now non-clear cartridges that are hard or impossible to reliably refill. They have all been WiFi printers and they will wirelessly connect to my laptop, the i-pad and phones. I don't use the printer often with these peripherals, but the setup was easy and occasional use convenient.

I recall, that even in the old days, we could set up networked printers via the connected printer/desktop computer. I do have my now win10 netbook networked to my win7 desktop and it works sometimes.

Could I reasonably easily add this printer so that it would work with at least the netbook, and hopefully the i-pad and phones?? If the networking were a real pain or impossible, it might not be worth the effort to get this old printer functioning.

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