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Can I just leave my B&W Laser Printer on ?

9 years ago

I purchased a very impressive Cannon D530 Black and White laser printer, copier, scanner (can scan and save color images) and got it up and running tonight.

I am very impressed with the speed and sharpness of printing both text and web pages with images... of course just in B&W.

The specification say the printer automatically (or one can push a button for immediate switch) switches to an "energy saver" after 5 minutes of no activity. In this mode the printer is using 1.2 watts.. so cost of electricity is not a reason to manually turn it off. Question, is there anything that could be going on at this low power level that is putting wear on the machinery or toner?

At only 1.2 watts it seems to me nothing is running but a "wake up" monitor waiting for a request to come in. I note that when in the energy saver mode the printer responds almost immediately when a print order is issued to it.

It is set to print double sided and even the page turn over is accomplished in about one second. A 4 page, on two sheets, print out of the description of this machine from the web was completed in something around 10 seconds, I estimate but wasn't timing.

I have left the printer on tonight - I always turn the computer off.

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