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Ethernet.WiFi, XP, W7 & W8 - Networking

10 years ago

I have a Router that supports one XP Media Computer via Ethernet, and Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7, and Windows 8 via WiFi. All work fine through the router to access the DLS connection to the Internet. I used to share files and computer connected printers when all my machines were XP. But, I didn't have a big enough need to try to figure out how to network between different versions if Microsoft (XP,W7,W8), so I just "forgot about it". Thanks MS,, for nothing.

I am considering buying a Brother MCF7460DW Black and White laser printer. The printer lists it can be networked via the Ethernet.. I assume meaning it has a jack that accepts the Ehernet plug and I can pick any spare Ethernet channel I have on my existing Router (I have at least two more) to make the printer available to all computers that can access my router, be it Ethernet (XP machine) or WiFi my Notebooks and Netbook computers now W7 and W8 (and W7 Starter on the Netbook).

If this can be done without concern about inter-OS workings it should be rather easy....albeit I have never done this job (may be instructions on the Brother documentation).

Can I assume that all I need to "learn" is how to connect the XP machine (perhaps a driver for XP), and each of the other machines to a Ethernet connected device (printer, works for DSL)? I recall the "provisioning" of a new printer is rather easy, but I haven't checked on how to pick the Ethernet or My Network, as the pathway. .

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