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Apple tree leaves yellowing and spotted - cedar apple rust?

8 years ago

Zone 9a, Pensacola, FL. Dorsett Golden and Tropic Sweet.

Third year. Stems all look perfectly healthy; however, the lower older growth leaves all have spots. Some yellow and fall off. All new growth is spot free.

One tree is 15' and just ridiculous in growth. Produced two baby apples the second year. Produced 6 small-medium apples the third year. Apples looked and tasted great. Other tree is much slower to grow; flowers way early yet somehow pollinated the other tree. The slower one has a flower on it now for some reason.

Ignore? Remove leaves? These trees were free and I was ignorant about how much trouble apple trees could be at the time of planting them. I'm not against cutting them down or attempting to graft something else. I only hesitate because of just how big and fast one of the trees is growing.

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