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800 CFM over BlueStar 36" range.

8 years ago

Thanks to everyone here, my appliance selections have been made! I shy away from listing them all here, only because I don't want to be told my selections stink. :) You guys all have great opinions that I value and took into consideration (along with my budget). At the end of the day I selected what works for my family and every appliance has positive and negative reviews. I went with my gut. But I digress...

The star of my appliances will be my BlueStar 36" gas range, 4 burners and griddle. The salesperson chose the Best by Broan 800 cfm internal blower and the Best by Broan 36" custom hood insert. Is that adequate ventilation? The ductowrk is being installed tomorrow and it will vent directly outside---straight shot from the stove out the roof.

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