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1200cfm oversized hood...Overkill for 30" BlueStar range?

8 years ago

I am getting a 30" BlueStar RNB range for my kitchen remodel. The sales person says a 600cfm vent will be sufficient, even if all four burners are on at the same time.

The hood is going to be installed on an interior wall, and the duct is going to run sideways (inside the wall cabinets) for about 6', straight out through an exterior wall. So there is going to be one 90 degree turn.

I read in an old thread that 900+cfm is recommended for such a powerful range. However, the Prizer / BlueStar hoods I am considering seem to be only available in either 600cfm or 1200cfm. Would 1200cfm be overkill?

I do plan to oversize the hood, so it's going to be 36" wide. I also want to have the 27" depth (larger capture area), but the sales person says that's probably unnecessary... and she doesn't see a 27" option in her BlueStar / Prizer pricing book.

Here are the three hoods I am considering:

Prizer Incline Wall Mount
BlueStar Pro-Line
Vent A Hood Professional

The sales person suggested Vent A Hood because: 1) their 600cfm is equivalent to 900cfm, and 2) it's the quietest vent on the market. But I read that VAH filter is harder to clean than the baffle filter.

What do you think? I'd really appreciate your input. Thank you!

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