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Feel like I'm losing my mind!

Karen l
7 years ago

I am 52 and in peri-menopause. Well, that's assumed based on the fact that my cycles are very irregular and I've been having night sweats for a several years. I have struggled with anxiety off and on my whole life and just lost my dad in February. In March things started going seriously down hill and I find myself a mess! The "brain farts" are so upsetting to me and I can't seem to stop worrying that I have dementia. I do things like have to seriously think (for about a second and a half) what a chihuahua looks like - I kept mixing it up with a chiweenie, which is the kind of dog I wanted to get before I got mine. I seriously feel like I can hear my brain go "ppppffffftttthhh!!!" My doctor doesn't think it's dementia, but says there's no test to be sure. Oh. My. Gosh!!!! How do I let this go?! My cousin keeps telling me it's okay as do nurses and others I've talked to. Seriously freaking me out. Any words of comfort??

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