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Foam Board Insulation after framing.. Place it and spray foam edges?

7 years ago

So I had told the builder to install 2 inch rigid foam board along the perimeter walls and then use 2x4 framing in front.. This was discussed a few weeks ago when we were working out numbers to finish the basement.. Well I just took a walk over and saw that the framing is complete but there is no rigid foam board, nor is there a 2inch gap behind the framing where they might have been able to "work" it in.. So I am guessing that they "forgot" to do this.. So my question is this.. If they refuse to dismantle the framing and redo it the way I specified and thought we agreed on, would it be worth it to cut the rigid foam boards and place them inside cavity and spray foam around the edges to fill gaps? I am extremely annoyed at this point but now just wondering if I should just skip the foam board and just do batt insulation.. It will save me like 2-3k by not doing the foam board for our basement.. Our plans are to use the basement as storage and possibly make a "hang out" type of area.. No bedrooms or anything like that..

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