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Spray Foam Insulation in Attic

11 years ago

I just moved to coastal Georgia and many of the neighbors have sprayed their attic with open cell insulation foam. Reports are as much as 1/3 to 1/2 savings on the summer electric bill. All were definitely in favor of having done it.

We called the contractor that everyone recommended and got a quote. It was weird as he was a little evasive when I asked him about what kind of open cell foam he uses as I told him i wanted to do some research. He said the company website had lots of links full of information. After he left, i went online and there were no links about specific product information. Then when we got the quote there was no mention of specific product. I finally got an answer from him later that he will be using Certainteed's CertaSpray. The cost is a little under $5000.

I wanted to get a second quote for comparison of price and information about product. Since I didn't know anyone who used a different contractor, I turned to the BBB and found one who had an A+ rating in my area and had him come out. He was upfront from the beginning that his company is 5 years old and never used anything but Icynene. And then without my prompting he said some of his competitors constantly switch brands based on price they can get. He also said he does a lot of work in our neighborhood and can provide me with several names of people who live within a mile or two.

The one other bit is Company #1 the guy is a salesman only and we won't see him again. In Company #2, the guy is owner's son and he is salesman but he comes onto job with the crew and shows them exactly what he told us so there is no confusion on what gets done and how.

I am still awaiting quote #2 (he just came a few hours ago and expect it to be similar to #1). We want to have this done ASAP since we have to leave in a week and will be gone for a month so I thought I'd start to get some input. Here are my questions

1. Is there a difference between Certa Spray and Icynene?

2. What do you think of a contractor who switches product based on best price he can get? I was thinking maybe each one had some sort of learning curve or advantages/disadvantages to the other.

3. If price is similar, would you go with the one all the neighbors like even though he seemed evasive or would you go with the BBB rated one (after checking referrals) who feels strongly about being committed to a product.

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