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Some from this morning (Saturday)

This is the first picture I took this morning in my backyard... monster in training! :o) It was fun watching the fawn zip around the yard last night, she wouldn't stand still, so I was glad to get a picture this morning. Other than last night and this morning, I have only seen her and her momma for brief seconds going into the brush.

Garden shot of the madness - it is as jam packed as it looks. Sorry about the blue tinge, early morning lighting. Rev It Up in the middle, he orange is Primal Scream, the dark purple on the bottom is Ashwood Still Night, the dark purple to the right of RIU is Black Falcon Ritual, and the peachy on the very right is Flight Into Egypt.

Winter Treasure

Ivory Titan... some bugs have been chewing the heck out of some buds and flowers, as you can see on the petal of the lower flower

Towel of Babel - new last summer, third flower open and the first that was not splotchy

My beast of a clump of Coyote Moon (which I love)... long overdue for dividing, will be doing next month!

Two Sues

Self Determination, FFO today

Thanks for looking!

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