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I fear I've killed these peach trees... Please help!

8 years ago

I little over a year ago I very carefully started two peach trees from seed. I followed the stratification suggestions that I found online and after a few months in the fridge I got two very vibrant and healthy looking seedlings! I took them out of the fridge and watered them and gave them indoor sun; they grew great! After they were about 10-12 inches tall they began to slow in growth. At that time it was becoming winter so the days were shorter and I figured maybe it was due to lack of sun. They appeared healthy still, very green with several large leaves but they just weren't growing much. So I thought maybe the they were becoming root bound so I transplanted them into larger pots (they did not appear root bound when I took them out). I gave them several more weeks and they did not grow AT ALL. By this time their leaves were beginning to yellow, I made sure they had plenty of sun but still nothing. My dad suggested fertilizing them, I had a house plant fertilizer so I followed the instructions and gave both trees a conservative dose... nothing. No change at all. No growth and the leaves continued to get worse. At this point I separated them, I figured that if I was doing something wrong I might as well change things up and increase my odds that at least one tree would live. So I put one in a South facing window with full sun all day and the other I put in a West facing window that gets bright ambient light all day and direct sun only half the day. I also discontinued fertilizing the plant in the West window.

Both plants are almost completely dead now, and there appears to be almost no difference between them. They've both lost all but two of their leaves. The tree in the south window still has a little green in one leaf but everything else is yellow. The leaves on the tree in the West window have begun to die starting at the tips...

I'm probably too late to save these guys but I'd REALLY like to know what on earth I did wrong (or if I can save them)!!

The first two images are the tree in the South facing window and the last image is the tree in the West window.

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