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HELP! I think I've killed my Pin Oak

13 years ago

I am actually near tears as I am writing this. I am lucky enough to have two majestic Pin Oaks on my property that shade a great portion of my yard. Last year I located a dog pen underneath one of them so that the dogs would be shaded. This spring I noticed that one of my beloved old girls is very thin in leaf, particularly on one side, with lots of bare twigs. I was in denial and kept telling myself that it's foliage is not finished filling out yet since its not summer but after doing research online I've learned that for all their might and size these trees are extremely sensitive to any disturbance to their roots.

The dog pen was created by laying landscaping fabric over the ground, fencing it off and then over filling with 6 inches of pea gravel. I've formulated a hasty plan of cordoning off half the pen and removing the gravel so I can aerate the soil and plant grass seed or lay sod but I honestly don't know if I can even save the tree at this point. If I could draw a diagram I'd say 50% of her root system is being affected by the gravel and the other 50% is outside of the dog pen.

I feel embarrassed to be human at this point, even when we mean well we cause damage to the environment.

Please if there is any advise that anyone could give me I would greatly appreciate it.

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