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Oh no, tree leader broken off

Hello all,

I have a very small Acer Saccharum that is still in its pot. It was not leafed out when I bought it. Something, a deer is a likely suspect, broke off the leader. The tree has now leafed out, but without a leader.

How unattractive/unhealthy will it be as it grows if I plant it now? Would it look awful in the front yard where I planned to have it replace a very old, very large oak (yes, I know I will never see it grow that large, but someone will). Should I plant it out back and just let it do as it darn well pleases? I do have a spot I could clear of some awful liriope someone who shall remain nameless planted and even if it looks bad, it will block the view from the porch to a neighbor's house for 3/4th of the year. Should I let it go and try with another?

Thank you for any thoughts, ideas, opinions, comments, criticisms. I just hate giving up on a tree.


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