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Bringing 1975 kitchen forward 40 years to 2015! - Kitchen layout

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Current layout

Proposed layout

We are a family of 7 however the oldest three are out of the
house and we have two under age of 12 still at home. We are ready to resuscitate
our kitchen!! Our current kitchen is still the original 1975
kitchen, complete with the dark brown oak cabinets and brass handles, but we did
replace the mustard yellow fridge and matching microwave and stove when we
moved in 12 years ago. I am main cook though hubby helps prep, and the
girls now are interested in helping to prepare and cook. The kitchen has a small nook area which was used
as the eating area, but with the girls getting older, it has become the dumping
ground for school stuff, craft and homework.
We end up eating in the dining room but it is cut off from the kitchen. The main issue is the current prep area next
to the stove. It is minuscule and has been the catalyst for the remodel. After ten years, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Our goals are to increase counter space, particularly the
prep area by the stove, have more storage by switching to cabinets with
drawers, increase lighting, connect the dining room and kitchen by removing the
dining room wall and increase the entrance size to the dining room.

With this planned remodel, one of the major changes will
be to have the wall between the dining
room and kitchen opened up. We are an
informal family so we are not mourning the loss of the formal dining room. Originally we thought we would have a wider
opening but with HVAC running up that wall, we are limited to how far open the
space can be. The other major change is
to have the window by the current nook area raised higher in order to allow for
the stove, cabinets and counters to be installed there. The cabinets by the dining room wall will
also have cabinet drawers added on the other side for storage of the girls’
school and craft supplies.

Constraints= we do not want to close any windows. It was suggested
to me by one KD to close off the nook window and move the fridge there. The kitchen is a north facing kitchen so we need
all natural light possible. We have a nice large backyard and enjoy the view. Sink cannot be moved, and I like having it in
front of the window as is. Fridge is currently standard depth side by side,
will replace in the future when it no longer works. The
fridge has been the biggest obstacle as there is really no other good spot for
it in various layouts we’ve tried.

Originally I wanted a microwave and wall oven where the current pantry
closet is located but was advised by architect/gc to leave it to minimize costs
so we will purchase a slide in induction range instead and either have a small
microwave on the counter or on the wall. Not sure where yet though. Will have a ventilation hood though haven’t
decided on what style.

Thanks in advance for critiques and feedback, I am open to hearing
all ideas and suggestions in bringing the life back to my kitchen.

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