How to decorate a tiny room with high ceilings?

6 years ago

The ceilings in our new house are 9' 4", which seems comfortable, and we're comfortable with the proportions. The one exception is the tiny little powder room- only 40" wide. I didn't bother to drop the ceiling, figuring I could later on if it was a problem. My question is- What is the best way to paint such a small room to play down the elevator shaft effect? What I'd like to do is put in a tall Craftsman wainscoting, say 60" tall, in a warm white. I wanted to do the walls in a rich deep red. I'm going to do rather big crown moldings at the ceiling. I figure a white ceiling and crown molding will make the room look even taller. Paint the red on the ceiling, too? What then would I do with the crown molding?

This isn't a life-and-death decision, as nobody will spend much time in there, but I'd like to make the powder room a quaint little gem when guests use it. I have a vintage look toilet, a tiny antique corner sink, and vintage white porcelain wall sconces. The floor will probably be a vintage look mosaic- maybe hexagonal tiles, mostly white, maybe with a few accent tiles. Thoughts?

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