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Blue spruce slowly dying? Please help

First of all - I have learned not to buy big. You have seen me post problems with large transplants over the past year. I have learned.

That being said, a blue spruce I put in one year ago in April 2014 has been slowly dying, branch by branch. It started browning a few months after planting and Ken said to wait and see. Over the months, especially winter, bottom branches started browning and dying. As they died, I removed them, which is why the tree appears "limbed up".

It is now June and as you will see from the pictures, central branches and the leader have started browning and are dead. The buds show no signs of fattening...some are dry and some show slight signs of life when i stick my fingernail in them.

All blue spruces in the area have been putting out new growth for at least 3 weeks. This thing is ugly and out front. Do you think it's roasted? Recommendations?


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