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What's next? small weeping white spruce (picea glauca pendula).

last month

I received this tree in a #1 pot middle of March and was promptly planted the same day.

At first glance I knew it might need some assistance getting started but am not sure really.

There is no defined, upright main leader. The previous seasons top growth, below the two Canidates for main leader, has quite a kink (45*), and I think it's causing one of the 'would be' new main leaders, to be cocked so neither one is vertical. The main trunk also has a sort of 'S' shape like the tree was bent/crushed in storage or the like.

So my two questions:

1) Should I just let it grow for a season or two, then try to create a vertical main leader? Or put in a stake and tie one of the 'Y' leaders to the stake to force a vertical?

(I know enough to wait for warm weather, so the branches are more flexible so not to break them).

2) Will the trunk be okay with that 'S' bent shape left as it is? Or should I just start over with a new tree?

First view: Looking west to east. Notice the sharp bend just below the string and two leaders (the top righthand leader and trunk below is sort of twisted with the main trunk).

Second view: looking south to north (90d from last view).

Third view: looking east to west. This exposes the 'Curly Q' trunk. Both top leaders are loaded with winter buds.



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