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Oh, Brandywine. Why do you always break my heart?

9 years ago

Every year, I plant one or two Brandywine tomato plants. We love the flavor, but never have great luck with them (We always harvested 5-6 in New Mexico, and I've yet to successfully harvest a Brandywine in Oklahoma).

With the prolonged cool weather, I was feeling optimistic this year as I had 7-8 green tomatoes on one of the Brandywines (no blossoms yet on the other Brandywine). Sadly, when I went to the garden today I found that ALL of those little green brandwines have split, presumably because of last week's 8 inches of rain. The splits were very deep...I had to pull most of them.

I have NEVER had a green tomato split before, but I've never had Kohlrabi split before and I've had several split Kohlrabi this year.

Last year I had to pull the Brandywine plants before there was any fruit because they got some type of awful fungusy thing. So far at least the leaves are looking healthy, so I won't give up hope yet. And, luckily the other tomato plants are looking pretty okay for now.

Is anyone else having splitting green tomatoes?

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