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Help with sink run layout--stages 45

Cabinets are ordered and should be coming in soon. So this layout is set, except that I need to decide which way to place my stages 45 sink and I could still switch the dishwasher + 12 inch pullout with the 36 inch drawer stack. Please no comments on the rest of the layout.

The opening between the dishwasher + 12 inch pullout and the 36 inch drawer stack on the range run is an exterior door. The opening on the other end of the sink run goes to our small breakfast nook.

I will have two faucets, one on each end of the stages sink. My trash and recycling will be on a pullout under the sink. A small laundry basket for rags and such and my compost bin will be on the other side under the sink.

The dishwasher where it is above is in my prep space. I had initially placed it on the other side of the sink, but got negative feedback here because it would block the doorway to the breakfast nook. The breakfast nook is used as an art area for the kids so I am seldom serving food in there. Neither position is ideal, but which do you think is better?

And I need to decide which way to orient the stages sink. The trash and recycling pull outs will go underneath the shelf, I think, because there will be less interference with the drain/pipes/garbage disposal on that side. I am getting two faucets because I hope that the kids and dh will be able to use one to wash hands or get drinks while I continue prep, etc at the sink. (If you think I should train my kids and dh to wash their hands and get their water to drink elsewhere, please don't say it here. It won't change or help anything.)

Do I want the kids to use the faucet over the shelf or over the deep end? And do I want them to use the faucet closers to the side door (washing hands as they come inside) or on the side towards the breakfast nook (more out of the prep zone)?

Thank you for any thoughts on how to best layout the sink run!

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