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9" vs. 12" drawer base cabinet, sink base size and 4.5" space

11 years ago

Dear GW-ers,

I wish my scanner works and I could post my current layout for easy viewing. For now, I hope I can do a good job explaining the issue I need help with.

Our soon to be renovated kitchen is 127"x 103.5", L shaped.

The sink wall is 103.5" wide and has a big 65.5" window with a center stile. The stove wall is 23.5" to the left of the window. An exterior door to the deck is 14.5" to the right of the window. In short, the window is not centered and lop sided.

Thanks to hours of reading gardenweb, we had considered blind cabinet vs super susan vs. voiding the corner, and finally decided we would do a 36x33" super susan (the 33" is on the sink wall and the 36" is on the stove wall.)

So, the sink wall as it stands now will have a 33" (one side of the super susan), a 12" 4-drawer base, a 30" sink base, 24" DW and a remaining space of 4.5" that I would like to do something with.

I plan to store alum foil, ziplock, kitchen towel, and tupperware in the 4-drawer base.

The sink base will have a garbage disposal, air gap, air switch, soap dispenser, possibly insta-hot (maybe not, if space is too tight). Sink base also will keep trash, recycling and compost somehow (maybe those IKEA trash buckets). If I could keep few cleaning supplies like DW detergent, and a bottle of all purpose cleaner in sink base, I would be glad since there's no other cleaning supply storage in the kitchen and I will have to go downstairs to get them. It will be a PITA to do that daily.

We had considered a 33" sink base since we have that 4.5" space at the end run anyway.

But, here's the problem: If we put a 12" drawer base to the left of the sink base and a 33" sink base, the sink will be off centered from the window by 5". I did a mock up for it with blue painter tape, and I hated how that 5" off centered look. It gives me the hibby jibbies. I think it's because the window is already uncentered on the wall, and the sink being mostly to the right of the window looks fugly.

I guess we could get a new window (70" wide and no stiles!) and solve the problem this way, but that would be my last resort.

What is possible then is a 9" 4-drawer base + 33" sink base, or 12" 4-drawer base + 30" sink base. The sink will still be off centered from the center of the window by 3.5". After taping the dimensions as a mock up, I can live with it.

As I saw a kindred sink online that is 27" wide, hopefully, the size of sink will not be an issue even if we use the 30" sink base.

I am thinking that if we use the 12" drawer base instead of 9" drawer base to the left of the sink, we will have an additional 3" prep area for the L-run from stove wall to sink wall, and that will be helpful since we have a tiny kitchen.

As you can guess, I am leaning towards the 30" sink base. But I never had a 30" sink base and my concern is that such a small base will not be big enough to store all that I want to store in it. My concern about going with the 33" sink base is that the 9" drawer base will not be useful enough for storage.

So, what do you think? Should we use a 9" drawer base + 33" sink base? Or keep the 12" drawer base + 30" sink base? Which one will be more functional for storage?

Your insights will be greatly appreciated on this.

Also, any idea how to use that extra 4.5" space to the right of DW? There will be a panel (3/4") at the end of the run to hold the marble countertop. I think I could put small 3" pull out like from rev-a-shelf to store cookie sheets. How about for wine bottles? Is that a bad idea to store wine bottles there since it is next to a DW (heat and moist area)?

Thanks in advance for your kind help!

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