I wonder, what got her panties in a wad.....

6 years ago

That poor woman! Either she didn't hear from her kids, or doesn't
have any and is jealous, or was late to Church... or, she was just
jealous because I was on a bicycle and she wasn't... I don't know

Here I was, riding on Reno, about 11:30 AM, when she got
behind me. She stayed behind me, even though other cars went around
both of us.
Finally she honked at me.

I looked back, no vehicles behind her.

No idea, why she could not go around me.

I pulled over in to the left lane, and motioned to her, to go ahead.

She did. Then she pulled in at the cleaners.

I fought the urge to ride in, and ask her, what the problem was...
cause after all, one of the scenarios above could have been the cause of
her unhappiness. So, if I you haven't called your mom yet, maybe you should? After all, it is Mothers Day!

:) I posted that on the local bike club facebook page just now.


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