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May 2015 what looks good/bad/awful in your garden?

7 years ago

Hi everyone, sheesh, I'm late getting this started! I've been attending a conference for work so am a tardy party getting started. At least the conference is HERE this year instead of on the road (it's the Scrum Gathering and it moves city to city each year and just happens to be in Phoenix this year). ANYWAY, what looks good/bad/awful in your garden?

Things in my little garden look great, especially since I've had two Sundays in a row of rain, like a lot of folks have. Here are some cacti in bloom right now. Glad I didn't miss them by being on the road!

Astrophytum capricorne, with some stapelias with seed pods in the background. Wilson the tennis ball included to show size.

Pretty pink Echinopsis in the front garden. They typically want partial shade or sun with afternoon shade, but this poor thing cooks in 100% sun every single day of the year and seems very happy with it.

Big red Trichocereus, also in the front yard, putting on a nice display. The big flowers stay open all day. So nice!

I'll have some what-looks-awful pics soon about my nasturtiums once it gets hot, hah!

What about your garden? Happy gardening!


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