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What's wrong with my roses?

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I purchased and planted these roses in January this year. I've noticed some issues with them but haven't been able to find a solid answer in my Google searching. I'm hoping people with more experience might be able to help me figure out what's going on. I live in Southern AZ zone 9b. Planted the roses in a mix of existing soil and Kelloggs GroMulch. Didn't apply any fertilizer until I saw new growth and then just Alaska fish fertilizer every other week. They've had two applications so far. I water in the mornings or evenings if it gets too late. When I water in the mornings I make sure to thoroughly spray the foliage to help prevent aphids and other bugs, but I won't spray the foliage if I water at night. I tried using the heavy volume Foggit nozzle but it was just too forceful and ended up causing the leaves to be forced against the stems and the thorns punched holes in them. First 2 pics are of my Moonlight Magic which has put on a lot of new growth. 3rd pic is my Heirloom which has been struggling but wasn't very strong when I bought it. Last 3 pics are of my Chrysler Imperial which has put on new foliage but hasn't grown any taller. I noticed some tiny green bugs in my Moonlight last night so I sprayed it with Captain Jack's Insecticidal Soap and picked off a few tiny bugs this morning. I forgot to take pics before I picked them off. *Edit - It posted the 3rd and 4th pics out of order. 4th pic is the Heirloom.*

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