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Meyer Lemon Help - San Diego

8 years ago

Hi All -

I am in Talmadge, San Diego. I bought a 15 gallon Meyer Lemon about 2 years ago. The tree has been in the ground since purchased. Last year, it produced about 20-25 lemons. This winter/spring, the tree bloomed and the fruit again. So far, i have about 20-30 fruit again, so all appears to good; however, the leaves have been yellow since the new year and there was very little new growth.

I've read the many posts on meyer lemon and yellow leaves, which steer people to fertilizer and regular watering, which i am doing.

I fertilize every month with a high nitrogen base. The garden is on a sprinkler and gets watered 3 times per week (per our drought conditions). All other trees (figs, limes, avocados) are very happy and plants too (jalapenos, herbs and habeneros).

Since spring, i spray every month with a mineral oil + spinosad solution to fight off any CLM and bad bugs. The good news is i've not see any aphids, white flies or anything *yet*.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance,


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