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Does anyone have Benjamin Moore Affinity Color Eternity?

7 years ago

After my husband vetoed painted swatches of Bunny gray, Iced Cube Silver and Grey Cloud, ( all too blue or purple on 2 of our LR walls.), i picked an affinity color Eternity.

We have BM affinity color Storm in our Master bedroom and it is perfect and reads as a medium grey with no undertone and I never even tried a sample swatch! Eternity is one down/lighter from Storm.

Compared to the greys we picked earlier from the chips, eternity seems truer with no undertones but is much darker and saturated than we hoped for. I'm thinking of having it mixed lighter but I'd have to pay for the liter to get that done which I'm fine with but unsure what percentage to request, I'd certainly go broke trying to figure out what percentage to get it mixed at if I had to do 25,50 and 75%!

I can find no real info or reviews for Eternity.

Does anyone have this in their house especially if you have had it lightened can you share pics or reviews?

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