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Can You Help Me Find a Cast Iron 30x60x15+ Tub?

7 years ago

My eyes are crossed and my brain is scrambled! Finding a new tub has easily proven to be the hardest thing to pick out in this remodel! Every time I think I've found one, something isn't quite right about it. I don't like the looks of a 14" high tub, plus the water depth is going to be too shallow...9" or lower. My husband has finally decided on a 30" (vs the 32" width he was considering). But I can't find a 30" wide cast iron that is over 14" tall.
I had decided to go with the Bootz Mauicast (I know, it's not cast iron). It's 16 5/8" tall with a water depth of 15" and 30" wide. Great! Then discover that the bathing well, measured at the bottom) is only 45" due to the 35 degree sloped backrest. His current tub is 48" at the bottom of the bathing well.

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