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Why would anyone use tile and grout in a shower??

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To keep from hijacking someone else's thread, I'm extracting a comment and asking for input and discussion of this concept...and hopefully some "foolproof" solutions.

Here is the comment, which I take to be true:

"All changes in plane"...(for shower tile work)..."are to be silicone caulk, never grout..." because different walls move at different rates and will crack the grout and lead to leaks.

I am more and more disliking the entire concept of tile and grout in a shower. Caulk is notorious for molding so I can't see using caulk in corners. If it can/should be used in corners, why not just do all the grout with caulk (rhetorical question)?

I am in the process of building a shower and I have the hardi-backer up, sealed, and tiled but not yet grouted. If it's so sure the grout will fail/crack in areas so that we use a sealer on the hardi-backer before the tile is installed over it, is there no concern that the cured thinset between the tile and sealed backerboard may be damp for years?

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