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Can you help with this oddball bath tub?

7 years ago

So, some 2-3 years ago my husband went on a business trip and loved the bathtub so much that he called me to talk about it, then sent me a text picture of it. He asked that I find this tub and "make it happen" in our new house.

Since that time he's returned to the same hotel twice more. Every time he's reminded me of "his tub". Finally last week I accompanied him on a business trip, and I saw the Holy Grail of bath tubs for myself, so now I'm hot on the trail. Can you help me identify this thing?

Pictures first -- The back of the tub has a molded "seat", which is what he likes best of all. It also has molded armrests. Note, too, the raised head rest. That silver "C shaped thing" is the water spout; we both agree that we dislike the modern shape, and we dislike it pouring water onto our laps, but that can be altered.

Here's another angle. Here you can also get a sense of the angle of the tub's back. You're definitely laying back in this tub.

Note the two safety grab bars. I do like them for safety reasons. I also like that they're "recessed" inside the tub, so they're not so visible.

A slightly fuzzy second view of the raised back rest /head rest.

Finally, a side view. Note that these tiles are 12"; thus, this tub is approximately 22" deep. I do like the positioning of the water controls on the side where they're easy to reach.

Note that this is a "deck style tub", but it's not a typical drop-in tub. Rather, the whole tub provides a solid "top" and the deck is tiled on the one side that presents itself to the room /the other three sides are walls.

My husband and I both agreed that we would've liked the adjacent vanity to have a "lower level" so we could position a candle, a book, a drink right there next to the tub.

I'm going to move on to a new entry because I fear I'm making this one too large.

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