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Ideal children's bathroom tub- cast iron? acrylic?

12 years ago

Hi there, my husband and I have gutted a 100 year old home and now must make bathroom fixture selections. 2 bathrooms- one master, one kids. In the kids bathroom, I'm having trouble with tub selection. I want something not too deep so I can reach in and bathe kids easily. I'm hoping to go with acrylic-- I love the look of cast iron, but hate the thought of little heads clunking on it. However, I'm having trouble finding an acrylic that isn't a deep (18" plus) soaker or isn't super cheapy/flimsy builder grade from HD or Lowes. The less deep all seem to be cast iron. I love the concept of the Kohler Villager w/the extra 4" ledge, but it only comes in cast iron.

A. Any recommendations for a good quality acrylic alcove tub that is either 14 or 16" high?

B. Can anyone convince me that cast iron works ok for kids? The house we're currently in while renovating the other has a Maxx/Pearl 20" deep acrylic tub that I love the material of but hate the depth of when trying to give baby daughter a bath.

Rambling done! Thanks for any/all help!!

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