Designing a shop with a living area and could use feedback / direction

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I already had the layout in my head so I searched Houzz and actually found something very similar. I mean very very similar. Please check the link below to see.

The difference with mine in that one section will be used to live in. It will be a sort of apartment with a loft to sleep in. Mine will not be as tall either. This looks like it has a complete second floor. Mine will not. Just tall enough for a loft.

I want a cross gable roof so my loft can be less wide than the building. I've attached a photo of a very rough floor plan i drew in MS Paint.. I have my ideas on graph paper in much better detail, but I just wanted a visual to explain myself.

The left large area will be a workshop. It will literally be nothing special. A wide open room with a small room for a water heater and maybe a small office. (I'm in IT and could use a good little office for my equipment and to work in.) It will have at least 1 garage door on the back. Probably two.

Is my layout a bad idea? How can I get the most out of the space in the living section on the right. I was thinking a bathroom in the back (top of the drawing) with a small 3ft x 3ft shower and next to it an area for a stackable washer and dryer then a small kitchen next to it and maybe the loft on top. Or I can put the loft in the front.

Can anyone give me advice on if this layout will work? And how to best use the space.

Also I really am scared to do a slab foundation and plumbing. I was thinking maybe do a crawl space under the living area and slab for the rest?

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