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Canada-US (and other?) cross-border seed swap

8 years ago

I've submitted the following to houzz. If you want to back up my request with one of your own please do so, and/or post your opinion here:


I'm requesting that you change your policy about restricting seed exchange to "within a single country."

I am in Canada and with few exceptions there is nothing to prevent me buying seed from American companies or Americans from buying Canadian. You ask participants to learn & respect laws about seed transport; why do you then aim to prevent then from exchanging seed across borders? I may be wrong but I think the "original" Gardenweb had no such restrictions.

As far as I am aware, with a few specific exceptions there are no laws forbidding the free exchange of seed between our countries. In fact I believe some of the organisations working to create seed banks and preserve genetic diversity absolutely welcome seed contributions from other countries.

I have in the past traded seed with US citizens and am unaware of any reason to not do so, within the laws of our countries.

Please review your policy in this regard.

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