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Commercial seeds swap seeds coming home!

Just an FYI for those of you who are new to seed swaps. Please don't adhere your postage to your return envy. I am forced to overpay at the post office if you have put too much on your envy! If they are loose I can add what is needed and send the rest back to you!

I mailed packages to the following people today.

poisondartfrog-didn't include dc $$,p.o.didn't cancell your stamps so I sent your $2 back to you :)

fez920- didn't include dc $$








zubababy-about $10 in postage coming back to you! Do you own stocks in the p.o.??



Louise,in the future please don't adhere the stamps to your return envy. There was 4.10 in postage on your envy and it was under 2.oo to mail your package home. I hate to give the p.o. extra but they were adhered!

Realbusy..I was not aware that you couldn't send a large manilla envelope(which is what you sent for the ride home) with a dc# unless it went by priority mail! I would have brought it back home and used one of my bubble envies but he said I couldn't pull your postage off and glue it to another envy(in the future, don't adhere postage) and it was going to be another few dollars. I mailed the envy as it was, I'm hoping it makes it home safetly!! I already had your envy sealed up tight with the .20 change from your dc# $$. I owe you .80 cents!!! Please drop me a line with your addy.

Barefootgardener, I think that you thought what you sent was 2-1.00 stamps and 1 .44 cent stamp BUT what you actually sent was 2-.28 cent stamps and 1- .44 cent stamp. I was there in line at the post office and he tells me how much, I thought they were $1 stamps too!The difference was 1.87, I paid it just to get it out of

sassy and faye- I want a chance to go through my stash one more time for you two so I will mail yours on Monday!


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