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Promix rant

2 months ago

I bought two bales of Promix to use for indoor seed starting this year. Never again. Over the course of a couple months of opening a bale, insects have hatched. OK, first one I chalked up to a fluke. Started to get concerned when I next saw what looked like a baby grasshopper. Today thought to myself F-this when I saw another good-sized hippety-hoppity insect in the seedling tray (he was too fast - didn't get a good look at him before he jumped to somewhere I couldn't find easily find him).

Before you say anything like oh, that's to be expected -- no, it isn't. In 20+ years of using a local nursery house brand of potting mix, I have never, ever -- not even ONCE -- had insect problems. I'll use up the Promix outside but I'm done with it for seed starting.

Now I have to go back down there and try to hunt the bugger down before he does some damage to my seedlings....AARGH!

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