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fresh viable hippeastrum hybrid crosses seeds needed as available

11 years ago

hi all my garden freinds. i am looking for fresh hippeastrum hybrid seeds. they can be any color variety crossed with one another. (example apple blossom x cybister. or white x another unique color) i am hoping to recieve some very interesting crosses seeds. preferably any hybrid seeds that DIDNT have a red parent as red is dominant and im trying to get away from reds lol. hopefully if you have some hybrid seeds when they come available to you, you can ship to ontario canada safely (winter is now here :( and i dont want the poor seeds to freeze while sitting in customs awaiting clearance so please package carefully). as soon as you have some unique hybrid fresh viable seeds available please contact me on here and i will then send you my mailing info. please note with the seeds hopefully you all have unique varietys u used to cross to get the seeds as here in good old canada... we have the basic boring varietys (red lion, picotee, apple blossom, mont blanc, desire-all the standards in the buisness). i am hoping to recieve some unique hybrids of crosses involving either with species x color varietys, crosses with pappillo, crosses with cybisters, or just crosses with very unique varietys available to you in the usa :). just let me know at the time what cross u have in the seeds and if u can ship them to canada, i know it may be a month or two before u have any fresh seeds starting to come available but just let me know soon as u have them available. thanks!!!

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