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Got my seed sowing schedule done today

mxk3 z5b_MI
2 months ago

Had a chance to sit down this afternoon with my seeds and legal pad and jot down the schedule, the time will be here before you know it. The earliest batch starts under the lights toward the end of February, with weekly sowings all the way through May, both annuals and vegetables. I thought I was cutting down but the problem is I like a couple of this, just a few of that -- so I had a bunch of seed packets to go through, cutting down on the total number of plants, but not the number of different cultivars. It just kinda seems like a whole lotta seeds...and it is but it isn't, y'know? I just couldn't resist trialing a few different new-to-me zinnias and a new marigold, take those out of the equation and it would be 4 fewer cultivars. I do have the room out there in veggie garden to play around, so why not.

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