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I-Pad WiFi question

8 years ago

Wife has 13 month old I-Pad mini. I also have the other post about I-Pad backup. However, it appears I have a more basic problem. I can't seem to keep the I-Pad continually connected to home WiFi anymore. I have several other devices that stay connected without issues. We have two confounding issues. Wife doesn't often use the pad while needing wifi (perhaps not for 6-8 weeks, but connected then), and while I was looking into 'no i-pad backup for now 28 weeks, and needing to confirm new appleID password I updated to iOS 8.2 as a check.

So, I'm not sure whether issue is related to 8.2 or just that I have forgotten exactly how to set up Wi Fi correctly. I was not surprised that I had to re-enter Wi Fi security password after iOS 8.2 update. I-Pad connected OK but a couple days later was no longer connected although blue connected check mark was still showing. I couldn't find the password entry location either. I see that the location appears to be 'client ID', but I don't believe that this line was visable although all the other code lines were. I shut the i pad down and restarted to get back to wi fi password to reconnect, but again lost wi fi the next day (I think).

I restarted again, and am still well connected over-night, but now I can see the client ID line with my password still showing. I generally expect password line entries to disappear. Does this indicate 'client ID' is not actually the wi fi security password location (but I am connected!)?

I plan to try this question over at the apple site, but haven't used it. I see most questions are very short and I am not sure how they keep title question, and slightly longer text body, separate. Anyone used them?

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