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Home Wi Fi Network Question

13 years ago

Back in August, I got a Netbook that had wi fi connection, so I bought a new router. A NetGear 54 mbps Wireless Router model WGR614 v7.

I set it up and had this complicated password and lost where I had written it down. At Christmas, I got a BluRay with wi fi, and I got my hubby a 32g IPod. I had to reinstall the router and give it a new password, so we could use are new devices.

We have 2 desktops, but those are "wired". Ever since Christmas, about once a week, we lose the wi fi connection. The only way I seem to be able to get it working again is to sign into the "router login". I don't really do anything, just look around at the router status etc...and then it seems to work again. Prior to December, we never had any problems with the netbook and losing the wi fi.

I don't understand how these things work, and don't understand why we keep losing the wi fi. The desktops are fine.

Thanks...and if I need to provide more info...I'll try


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