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New Netbook, Networking, WiFi

14 years ago


I just bought a new netbook today. It is for traveling mostly and portability around the house. Do email, normal web browsing (ie reading news, sports, etc...), listening to driver scanners on race days, occasional baseball games on internet radio, occasional tv program watching.

Netbook is an ASUS Eee, with 802.11b/g/n. We also have 2 PC's. Both PC's are connected to ROADRUNNER thru ethernet to an old beat up D-Link Router.

Would like to replace router so that I can get the Asus on WiFi and also to "network" with my HP PC. Don't need to "network" all 3, but obviously the other PC needs to be connected to the router as well. It is my understanding, I think, that I can "network" my PC and the netbook, so I can share files between the two.

I don't really know where to start...except I need to get the new router, which is the easy part! From there, it gets fuzzy!

Also, had another question. We are going to Bristol race in a couple of weeks. There is a company called Bluestone who has set up WiFi network for many of the campgrounds around Bristol Motor Speedway. It costs like $50 for the whole week. It is not a free "hotspot". (Yes, I know that is expensive, but I need to research other options before I decide how to go and just don't have the time before we leave to make that decision.) We run Norton's 360 (it's a familiarity thing), I am assuming that since it is not free, you would have to have some sort of password to access it. Should I have any worries about using such a WiFi connection?

Incidentally, I try to run ipconfig /all on my PC...and it comes up and disappears very fast...can't even read it. Is that odd???

Oh yeah...I'm computer ILLITERATE! LOL



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