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Help Diagnosing WiFi or Internet Issue

7 years ago

I have internet via DSL at 10mbit/sec. Whenever I check Speakeasy for speed, I see ~9.8 mbit/sec and upload of only 0.87 mbit/sec or so. Years ago, with far less download speed, I got 1.24 upload (now .87). I suppose this is irrelevant but I thought I'd start there anyway. My real issue is that I get very poor page loading off and on from minute to minute. Sometimes, pages won't load at all and I get 'no internet' messages. I spend much of my computer time on Gardenweb or E-bay, often on a seller who provides ~10 pics of each item +extra add pics. When things are good, all pics load right up and gardenweb loads fine. When poor, either I get no ebay loads at all or just the first picture only and textual gardenweb won't load fast or at all either. The erratic nature of my slowdown has made it difficult for me to isolate the problem.

Initially, I assumed that my WiFi router might be bad or perhaps I have a bad cable. My provider had me check that a direct connection from DSL modem to computer was OK. Actually, I haven't double checked that, because it was during my first experience with a 'no connection' situation. The direct connection worked at that moment. Now that I know that this is intermitant, I will have to spend time with the modem first. I suppose the weak link could be there at the modem or its cable or perhaps even the cat5 cable or jack.

The WiFi router is probably not the issue because I got a replacement and it made no change. An hour ago, I thought it might be old browsers. I am on a win10 laptop, but also a win7 desktop by the router and modem. I had never used the new win10 Edge browser and it ran great for a half hour. I was all ready to learn to upgrade or reinstall my firefox and chrome when I double checked and found that I was again slowed down with Edge. That half hour was the longest period without an issue for a couple weeks.

If I find an issue with the DSL router section, I guess I am home free, but if not, are there any computer apps/tools or places to look that could help me isolate my page load, no connection problem?

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