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IKEA kitchen vs One-stop shop cost difference?

9 years ago


I know Ikea kitchen is cheap, especially since they have a sale right now. However, I'm not just doing the cabinets. I'm doing a complete kitchen remodel. I will keep to rip everything out, move dry wall, add new electrical outlet, put in new tiles...etc. And I certainly have no faith in myself to do all that DIY.

I know if I get the IKEA installer, they kind of nickle-n-dime you on everything. Demolition, then per cabinet charge, then I probably will have to find my own electrician and tile guy, and coordinate all of them. I've also tried to find local installers that do IKEA kitchens (instead of going through IKEA) but have not had much luck so far.

For people that have used IKEA kitchen, can you please share your experience on how you did the entire remodel through IKEA, and if the cost in the end was still on the cheap side?

Thank you!

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