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Cat much less active than a few months ago

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experienced what I've been experiencing with my cat. He's 10 this year, and hasn't really had any major health issues.

We have stairs in our house, and up to a few months ago he would race up and down them at feeding times, and fling his toys around up and down the stairs. He would chase and be chased by other kitties. He would run around and play all the time.

But he's really slowed down. He doesn't run anywhere, he doesn't play with his toys, he goes up and down the stairs but slowly, even at meal times. And it seems like he's debating whether he wants to do that. He'll sit at the top or bottom like he's thinking if it's worth the effort. Sometimes I notice he loses his balance too when he's jumping or walking on something narrow, but it's not drastic and he's never been very graceful.

Now, this doesn't seem unusual for an older cat, but what's weird to me is how sudden it happened, literally over a few weeks. My first thought is he injured himself but he's not limping. He has a spot over his hip that he doesn't like being touched. It
doesn't seem super tender but if you pet it too much he will start

I took him to the vet last Thursday. He had full xrays done, an ultrasound, full blood work and urine work. The ultrasound showed one kidney was a little bigger than the other, but all his blood levels came back perfect. Xrays showed that his hips looked good but he was showing a little bit of arthritis around his spine towards his tail. He had an injection and he's on supplements to help with the arthritis.

Now, I know arthritis can cause movement issues, but does it happen this quickly? To go from racing up and down the stairs to barely walking up them within a few weeks? The vet thinks that he may have injured himself and it triggered a flare up in the arthritis, or it's possible there are nerves involved that can't be seen on the xray. He seems to do better going down the stairs than up.

His appetite is totally fine, he seems really normal except he's not moving as much as he used to and when he does, it's slower. My vet just wants me to keep an eye on him and bring him back if he starts showing any other symptoms, including neurological.

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas for any additional testing I can do? Thanks!

Here's a video I just took of him moving up the stairs. Does it look like arthritis? I've never had a cat with arthritis before.

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