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looking for reviews on Mohawk plus waterproof laminate floor

last month

We are replacing our old laminate floors, which are 22 years old. Honestly, they weren't top of the line and they have done extremely well with the amount of traffic our house sees, but it's time for a remodel and change. I am looking for honest reviews on this flooring and especially the waterproof aspect. I am not looking for unrealistic features, I just don't want it scratching heavily or buckling when the dog dumps over the water bowl onto the floor. We have a VERY busy household. 4 small dogs, 1 large aging dog, grandkids, and we entertain regularly with friends and family. Please tell me anything you can to help my decision. I have family telling me to never buy a laminate floor. I need help because I do like the look and features of the Mohawk plus flooring. Thank you!

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