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When it comes to your flooring products PLEASE understand the HUGE difference between these two words.

resists the damaging action of water to SOME EXTENT.

Definition of WATERPROOF:

Now that you got that clear, forget about it and remember the meaning of this word

Definition of POETIC LICENSE
the freedom to DEPART from the FACTS of a matter or from the conventional rules of language when speaking or writing in order to CREATE an effect.

Now I am not pointing this out because of how I view anyone intelligence level, since how smart someone is has nothing to do with ADVERTISING.

In Fact, if people were not pretty intelligent, the advertising TRICKS used on us every day would not work.

Luckily not only do I have 20 years of installing the products being advertised, I also have a mind that doesn't work like most peoples.

Laminate Flooring = Moisture resistant = DON"T GET WET

Now I don't have the ability to mislead people, so that's not actually true. You can get most laminate flooring wet, and as long as you follow a bunch of guidelines before, during, and after you get your laminate flooring wet, you shouldn't have any issues that would have to be covered by the manufactures warranty*

* I actually just saw this one the other day for the 1st time, thanks to a friend who was shopping for a waterproof floor at the big box hardware store. Some manufacturers of laminate flooring products have wisely added what I call the "cover your ass clause" to their laminate flooring warranty that reads in my own opinion to be their way of not agreeing with the POETIC LICENSE used by the stores to advertise their products.

With almost all laminate flooring, the top of the plank, is pretty much 100% waterproof. You could take a cup of water, put the laminate plank with the top over the glass, pick up turn over so the glass is upside down and the water just stuck to the top layer of laminate flooring. That there is how you would have to spill something in your house to make laminate waterproof. Once the water gets to the seams of the planks its about over, soon swelling, and possible mold.

Now not all laminate flooring is the same, there is the why bother low end stuff, and your mid range, and the top of the line best laminate can get level do to it being well laminate. I have updated a bunch of laminate floors where we removed the old 5-7 year laminate floor, and replaced it with new laminate flooring, not due to any water issue or any issue other then wanting a new feel or look to the house. I just did a small replacement of a few blanks in a bathroom due to water damage, other than that, the 15 yr old laminate floor looks flawless.

I have also installed $0.60 SF laminate, that lasted a few weeks before water destroyed it.

So this whole idea of marketing laminate as waterproof when it clearly is not, give some people the false idea that they can do, get away, or care for their laminate is was they never would have if the know it was in fact not water proof.

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