What do you feed your (wild) birds?

6 years ago

A 50-lb. bag of black oil sunflower seed is sitting in my car, waiting for me to break it down into manageable bags and carry them through the snow to the house. (This post is a procrastination move.)

I don't know how many 50-pounders I've gone through this winter. I also hang suet cages in the back. I used to swear natural suet (the hard white fat that surrounds organs) was preferred by birds, but then I discovered they actually like the commercial formed cakes better. So now I buy the cakes. Lots easier for me because the only supermarket that cut fresh suet for me is about 25 miles away.

The other thing I do is mix cracked corn with mixed seed (Blue Seal's Concerto) and scatter it on the ground near the seed feeders. Doves, juncos, and other ground feeders love this.

I hung a niger seed feeder this year, and while the finches eventually discovered it, I don't think I'll do it again because so much of the tiny seed ended up on the ground. It may have gotten eaten, but the finch activity on the ground attracted one of the outside cats, and that's not a good idea.

I have to stop feeding in spring when the bears emerge from hibernation. In a way it's too bad, because I used to enjoy the migrating birds, but I must say it's good for my finances to feed only half the year.

So what do you feed your birds?

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