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Do you feed the birds?

9 years ago

I do..I have 3 Anna humming birds that stay with me all year long..I have had a male and female for gosh 5 years..and last year another male stayed behind too..

I bring in the feeder at night when the temps drop..and back out in the morning before they awake.. most days..some times they are waiting for me..with that little warble..or will come to the window their feeder hangs in front of..and just

And in the summer I feed black thistle to the gold finches..

I used to feed all the birds but then the rats got bad..and I had to stop..but I started again..I decided when the rats start emptying the feeders again..I'll send my husband after them with the air soft..,only deters them for a bit..

I usually have suet out too..but oooh during Startling nesting..they will bring their whole clutch..and one cake gone in an hour..sorry pileated woodpeckers and sap suckers..

I love thw hub bub and calls in the yard when I I'm going back to it..

Rats beware...

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